A constitutive model for the sintering of suspension plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating with vertical cracks

Lv, B. and Mücke, R. and Zhou, D. and Fan, X. and Wang, T.J. and Guillon, O. and Vaßen, R.

Volume: 102 Pages: 6202-6212
DOI: 10.1111/jace.16491
Published: 2019

The degradation of mechanical properties due to sintering is one of the major issues during high temperature service of thermal barrier coating system for advanced gas turbines. In this study, a constitutive model was developed by the variational principle, based on the experimentally observed microstructure features of suspension plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings. The constitutive model was further implemented in finite element analysis software, in order to investigate the effect of vertical cracks. The evolution of microstructure during sintering, coating shrinkage and mechanical degradation were predicted. The numerical predictions of Young's modulus were generally in agreement with experimental results. Furthermore, the effect of vertical cracks on the strain tolerance and sintering resistance were discussed. It was confirmed that the introduction of vertical cracks contributed to the improvement of both properties. © 2019 The American Ceramic Society

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