A Concept for the Estimation of Soil-Tool Abrasive Wear Using ASTM-G65 Test Data

Hoormazdi, G. and Küpferle, J. and Röttger, A. and Theisen, W. and Hackl, K.

Volume: 17 Pages: 103-111
DOI: 10.1007/s40999-018-0333-9
Published: 2019

In this paper, a new procedure for the prediction of soil-tool abrasive wear is presented which drastically reduces the duration and, therefore, the cost of simulations in comparison to conventional 3D wear modeling. The goal is to extend the experimental data from a single scratch test to the wear of mixtures by means of equations obtained from discrete element method (DEM) simulations and geometric relations. We are predicting abrasive wear with a combination of numerical and experimental approaches taking two shapes of particles into account. Single wear is quantified by measuring the width of scratch induced by a single quartz particle. Geometrical relations together with the particle’s microscopic picture are used to find the depth of scratch. DEM mixture simulations result in equations for the number of contacts and normal contact forces. Finally, the wear rate is calculated for a specific soil sample as an example to clarify the developed prediction procedure. The DEM simulations are performed using PFC 3 D code for both a homogeneous soil sample and a mixture of two different soils. We are specially investigating a relation to predict the abrasive wear caused by a mixture of particles. © 2018, Iran University of Science and Technology.

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