Bridgman furnace

Since 2014 ICAMS and the institute of materials operate together a Bridgman furnace. The furnace is used for the investigation of solidification processes and for the production of single-crystal samples. ...

Fokussierte Ionenstrahlen (FIB)

Fokussierte-Ionenstrahlgeräte: 5 Implantationssysteme von JEOL, EIKO und Orsay Physics Beschleunigungsenergien: 0 eV - 200 keV Fokusdurchmesser / Auflösung: 10 nm - 100 nm

High temperature furnaces

1200°C, atmospheric pressure, high purity gas flow (H2, NH3, He etc.)

High-performance computing cluster (ICAMS)

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulations (ICAMS) hosts a high-performance computing cluster "Vulcan". Its first two stages were installed in 2009 and 2010. Since the installation ...

In situ SEM mechanical testing

Miniature specimens can be tested under mechanical tensile/compressive loads and simultaneously observed in a SEM; load cells with a capacity of 500N and 5kN are available

Molekularstrahl Epitaxie (MBE)

RIBER Epineat MBE-System INKA MBE-System (Eigendesign sowie Eigenbau)

Nanoindenter XP

Instrumented hardness tester for local characterization of mechanical properties, such as hardness or Young´s Modulus (maximum load: 500mN). Hardness and Modulus are continuously measured. Scratch tests ...

Photocurrent spectroscopy

Photoaction spectra (incident photon-to-current efficiency vs. wavelength) of new materials can be recorded on a custom-made tunable monochromatic irradiation system (Instytut Fotonowy, Poland).

Photoelectrochemical cell for water splitting

A home-made photoelectrochemical cell is available for characterization of photoelectrodes used for water splitting. The two-compartment cell is equiped with a sensor (OxySense) for in-situ oxygen detection.


  • Süss MJB-3 Mask Aligner
  • Möglichkeit zur Herstellung beliebiger Fotomasken mit Strukturgrößen von wenigen µm
  • Photolumineszenz (PL)

    Anregungsquellen: Laser LED rot, 638 nm; HeCd Laser UV, 325 nm
    Monochromator: Spex 500M
    Detektoren: Si-Photodiode; InGaAs-Photodiode, stickstoffgekühlt

    Physisorption & chemisorption

    measuring surface area, pore size distribution, active sites

    Schnelle Thermische Ausheilöfen (RTA)

    2 steag-AST Ausheilsysteme: Vakuumbetrieb / Gas-Flow-Mode
  • bis max. ca 1050°C erreichbar
  • Rampen von mehreren 100 K/s möglich
  • Testing facility for thermal mechanical fatigue

    Specimens with circular cross sections can be mechanically loaded with max. 20kN at temperatures up to 1200°C, thermal and mechanical load can be applied cyclically with typical thermal cycle length of ...


  • Klassischer Halleffekt (bei T=1.0 - 300K).
  • Supraleitende Magneten bis zu 16 T.
  • Diverse Strom/Spannungsmessplätze.
  • Vibrational and optical spectroscopy

    FTIR, UV-Vis, different modes, suitable for powders and in-situ studies

    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

    measurements of the surface chemistry of solid materials